Due to its mechanical resistance and dimensional stability, Superboard facilitates installation, finishing and responds to aesthetic requirements.


Superboard Inspectable Skies 4mm

4 mm Inspectable Raso Ceiling, in 0.605 x 0.605m formats. Made up of a metal structure of angled profiles and "T" tees, which are suspended from a higher element by means of wires or guayas, forming grids.




Superboard Mezzanines 17mm

Mezzanine with 17 mm thick Superboard cement plate, in a 1.22 x 2.44 m and 1.22 x 3.05 m format. for industrial and commercial projects. The structure is made up of “C” type or tubular metal or wooden profiles according to the structural design that are installed every 40.7, 48.8 or 61cm, on a main support structure, according to the live load and dead load. put up with.


Superboard Facades and Bases for Roofs 10mm

Facades and Bases for Standard Superboard Roofs 10 mm thick, in 1.22 x 2.44 m format. and 1.22 x 3.05 m. In Dry Construction, the façade is the exterior face of a building. They are used as elements that cover the building, it consists of a framework structure to which flat plates of Superboard cement are fixed on one or both sides.


8, 6 and 10mm Superboard Siding

Superboard Siding cement planks 6, 8 and 10 mm thick, with a decorative wood texture, in 0.20 x 2.44 m and 0.20 x 3.05 m formats, specially designed for the production of facades, interior walls and traditional masonry coating, where requires rapid assembly and high aesthetic value.


Superboard Interior Walls 8mm

Dividing wall composed of 8 mm thick Superboard® cement plates, in a 1.22 x 2.44m format. and 1.22 x 3.05 m.

In dry construction it is the vertical construction element that limits an architectural space, they are used to compartmentalize.