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June 29 and 30

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Participate in the Virtual Business Roundtable and find the following opportunities

buy or sell

Buy or sell products or services in the construction and hardware sector.

Knowledge Exchange

Exchange knowledge around product categories.

create alliances

Create strategic alliances.

Business Connections

Generate effective commercial connections between supplier brands and companies in the sector.


Purchase decision makers in companies in the sector.


Suppliers of equipment, supplies or services for the sector

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If you are interested in participating in the Business Conference of Cumbre Constructora y Ferretera 2022, as an offering brand and presenting your products or services:

The participation of selling companies has an investment value according to the selected plan.

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Purchase decision makers in companies in the construction and hardware sector. If you are interested in acquiring products, equipment or services with supplier brands of the industry:

The realization of the virtual appointments that you schedule is subject to the approval of the offering brand.

The participation of purchasing companies